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A system with a set of classifiers is trained to recognize eight different company logos from images. It is 78% accurate.


Without further information, which statement is true?


A. The system has 78% precision and recall.

B. The system has a precision of 78% and a recall of 22%.

C. The system is equally reliable for classifying any one of the eight logo types 78% of the time.

D. The accuracy of the system for any one class cannot be determined.


Answer: C




A cognitive FAQ widget on a company’s support portal allows users to ask questions related to the company and its products.


Which two IBM Watson services will create this pattern? (Choose two.)


A. Tradeoff Analytics

B. Natural Language Understanding service Semantic Roles API

C. Conversation

D. Discovery

E. Personality Insights


Answer: B,C




Which statement best describes the unsupervised learning process when performing clustering on a large data set?


A. The system understands the significance of the data points and a cognitive sub-process clusters the data, removing the need for a human supervisor.

B. A neural network is deployed in unsupervised mode to determine to which cluster a data point belongs.

C. Examples of data points and their associated cluster are fed into the system allowing it to learn and generalize for the rest of the data set.

D. Data points are compared at random and the differences between their features are used to determine whether they belong in the same cluster or not.


Answer: D






Which two Natural Language Processing artifacts are part of the Watson Knowledge Studio? (Choose two.)


A. mention detection

B. parsing rules

C. part-of-speech tagging

D. sentence tokenization

E. relation detection


Answer: D,E






In the context of a IBM Watson cognitive virtual agent, what type of input data can the IBM Watson Conversation service consume?


A. images

B. speech

C. string of text

D. audio


Answer: A






Which IBM Watson service is pre-trained and does not allow for any customization?


A. Natural Language Understanding

B. Speech to Text

C. Discovery

D. Tone Analyzer


Answer: A




In neural networks, which method enables a developer to obtain the output and compare it with the real value to get the error?


A. Back Propagation

B. Cognitive Propagation

C. Forward Propagation

D. Answer Propagation


Answer: A




Which actions depict configuring IBM Watson Discovery service collection?


A. Converting, enriching and normalizing sample data.

B. Switching from a default configuration to a custom configuration using uploaded personal data.

C. Testing which query methods result in accurate answers.

D. Determining how much space must be allocated to an environment.


Answer: A




Which statement is applicable when configuring external log hosts for IBM Watson applications running on IBM Bluemix?


A. Configuring external log hosts is not allowed for applications running IBM Watson services on Bluemix.

B. Logs can be streamed from the system to an external log host, such as a third-party log aggregator.

C. The characteristics of the external log host does not affect the configuration process.

D. There is no need to use external log hosts as Bluemix keeps most of the log information needed in memory.


Answer: B




How can a developer prevent IBM Bluemix from logging data in an API request to an IBM Watson service?


A. Set a header parameter called X-Stop-Training-Watson to true in the HTTP request.

B. Disable training from in the IBM Bluemix dashboard.

C. Pass a parameter called DisableTraining=false in the API request.

D. Set a header parameter called X-Watson-Learning-Opt-Out with the value true in the HTTP request.


Answer: D