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Which two special characters can be used as wildcard values when searching for Key values in the configuration settings? (Choose two.)


A. ^

B. @

C. !

D. #

E. $

F. %

G. &

H. *


Answer: F,H



Your client decides not to use Groups when setting up staff accounts.

You are positive that groups should be set up. Therefore, you need to explain the advantages to your client.

Select two advantages of setting up groups. (Choose two.)


A. routing incidents to groups with business rules

B. assigning incident queues to a Group

C. displaying group performance with analytics reports

D. deactivating staff groups


Answer: B,D



Your client has VIP customers (all of which have a custom contact field of VIP set to 'Yes'). They want to offer these customers a higher priority service on Chat.

You intend to do this with a VIP queue.

Which three steps do you also need to perform? (Choose three.)


A. Set the Pull Policy to manual.В. Create chat rules so that contacts with the VIP field set to 'Yes' are routed to the VIP queue.

B. Add the VIP queue to the profile of the agents that are taking chats.

C. Move the VIP queue to the top of the queue list.

D. Create incident rules so that contacts with the VIP field set to 'Yes' are routed to the VIP queue.

E. Create a rule to set an SLA.


Answer: B,C,D



You are asked to identify how a question has been scored upon a search result.

While researching the question, you identified possible answer attributes to review.

Identify three items that affect the score of the answer and, therefore, should be reviewed. (Choose three.)


A. Status

B. Question

C. Access Level

D. Categories

E. Summary


Answer: B,D,E



Your customer runs a 24/7 call center and has a policy stating that incidents that aren't solved by the end of an agent’s shift should be moved out of that agent's inbox to be worked by another active agent.

Which two actions will accomplish this? (Choose two.)


A. The agent does a multi-edit update for all incidents in their inbox and changes the assigned field to null.

B. The agent reassigns each incident to another agent before they log off.

C. Add a business rule that when an agent logs out, the Assigned field should be set to null for any unresolved incidents for that agent.

D. Create a workspace rule that sets the Assigned field to null when an agent logs out.


Answer: B,C




Your customer has two types of end customers that will be visiting their knowledgebase website: public customers and registered customers.

They would like to present additional knowledgebase answers to the registered customers.

Choose the three statements required to set up this type of environment. (Choose three.)


A. Create a special public answer status for the registered customer answers.

B. Ensure registered customers sign in to the knowledgebase website.

C. Set up an access level without customer visibility and assign it to the registered customer answers.

D. Create special Products and Categories for the registered customer answers.

E. Set up an access level without customer visibility and assign it to all the customer answers.

F. Ensure each registered Customer has the correct service level with this access level assigned to their account.


Answer: B,C,F




You want to find all Message Base entries that include the two words “create” and “incident.” Which is the correct format for your search in the KEY field?


A. create%incident

B. %create% | %incident%

C. %create incident%

D. %create% & %incident%

E. %create%incident%


Answer: A




Your customer would like a report that details out the response and resolution times of all their agents.

Select the five steps that will configure the system to meet your customer's reporting requirements. (Choose five.)

A. Set the Response Time Variable to 1440 minutes in Variables.

B. Set the Response Time Variable to 5 minutes in Variables.

C. Add National Holidays to the system in Holidays.

D. Set the Resolution Time to 1440 minutes in Response Requirements.

E. Set the working hours Service Intervals in Response Requirements.

F. Edit the incident reports to include their Response Requirements.

G. Set the Response Time to 5 minutes in Response Requirements.

H. Select the Holidays Observed in Response Requirements.


Answer: D,E,F,G,H




Your customer has asked that all incidents be “scanned” for words that may revolve around product defects and injuries so that they can alert their risk management team of any possible product issues or liability. The customer accepts that 100% accuracy is not attainable, and accepts that they will be false positives and a margin for error.

They have provided you the following words to be “scanned”:


1. Mouth

2. Jaw

3. Cheek

4. Jowl

5. Chin

6. Oral

7. Palate


The customer requires the following:


You decide to use a regular expression to search for these words in all incoming emails.

^mouth[,|.|'|"|;|:| |!|?|&]|\ jaw[,|.|'|"|;|:| |!|?|&]|\ cheek[,|.|'|"|;|:| |!|?|&]|\ jowl[,|.|'|"|;|:| |!|?|&] |\ chin$[,|.|'|"|;|:| |!|?|&]|\ oral[,|.|'|"|;|:| |!|?|&]|\ palate[,|.|'|"|;|:| |!|?|&]


Identify the three words that will be correctly matched to this regular expression. (Choose three.)


A. Chin

B. Jaw

C. Mouth

D. Cheek

E. Jowl

F. Oral

G. Palate


Answer: B,D,E




In which two sections of the Customer Portal is the Guided Assistance widget available for end customers? (Chose two?)


A. The answers detail pageВ. Ask a Question

B. The answers list page only

C. Any page the customer wants it placed

D. The popular answers list page

E. They are only available when using smart assistant.



Answer: A,D