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  • Oracle Manufacturing Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials 

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A production Operator is executing work order in your plant. After completing move transactions, he notices that he has performed some incorrect move operations, including incorrect scrap and reject transactions. He is required to perform a reverse transaction to correct the errors. The operations are not count point enabled and not auto charged.


Identify the four transactions to correct this situation.


A. Reverse from reject to ready.

B. Reverse from scrap to ready.

C. Reverse resources charged to a work order.

D. Reverse material issued to a work order.

E. Reverse at an operation.

F. Reverse the product at the last operation.


Answer: A,B,C,D



A production Supervisor has noticed that Work Orders created manually are overwritten by the plan runs executed by Planning Central. After discussing this issue with the Planner, two actions are recommended to prevent the Work Orders from being overwritten by plan runs.


Identify the two recommendations.


A. Update Supply Plan Options, Overwrite Firm Planned Orders = None.

B. Update Firm flag in the Details region of the Edit Work Definition page.

C. Update Firm flag in the Details region of the Edit Work Definition Names page.

D. Update Firm flag in the Details region of the Edit Work Order page.


Answer: A,D



Identify three entities that must be set up in Oracle Manufacturing Cloud to create a Work Definition for an item that will be manufactured in-house.


A. Operation Items

B. Resources

C. Production Line

D. Operations

E. Manufacturing Lead Time


Answer: A,B,D



A customer has a distribution warehouse (DW) for After Sales and Service and an in-house manufacturing plant (MP). Sales orders are created and shipped from DW.

Identify the two Sourcing Rules that need to be set for order promising to schedule the order.


A. Define Local sourcing rule for organization MP: Source Type Make At, Source MP

B. Define Local sourcing rule for organization DW: Source Type Make From, Source MP

C. Define Local sourcing rule for organization MP: Source Type Transfer To, Source DW

D. Define Local sourcing rule for organization DW: Source Type Transfer From, Source MP


Answer: A,D



An employee is responsible for dealing with different manufacturing practices and processes, machines, tools and equipment that turn raw material into a product.


Which seeded job role must this employee be provided with?


A. Manufacturing Engineer

B. Production Engineer

C. Production Operator

D. Manufacturing Supervisor

E. Production Supervisor


Answer: A



Your customer has the following business requirement. There are two work definitions created in the application. One Work Definition for Engine Finished Good and other Work Definition for Pallet Finished Good. The Engine Finished Good item should have Pallet Finished Goods as one of its component.


Identify the way to establish the relationship between Pallet and Engine Work Definitions.


A. Create a Subinventory that could be the completion Subinventory for yielding the pallet and then the same Subinventory can serve as the supply Subinventory of the pallet in the Work Definition created for Engine.

B. Assign a higher priority to the Work Definition created for Engine and a lower one for the Work Definition for Pallet.

C. The two Work Definitions can be tied through Project or Seiban numbers.

D. The Work Definition versions can be used to tie the Work Orders.


Answer: D



A production operator needs to review the materials issued, resources charged, and operations performed for a job that was executed in the previous shift.


Identify the task the operator has to select to review all the transactions in a single place for both Work Order and Orderless execution.


A. Manage Work Orders

B. Review Dispatch List

C. Report Resource, Material and Operation Transactions

D. Review Production Transaction History


Answer: A



A plant operates three continuous daily shifts of eight hours each for five days in a week. One unit of the resource R1 within the plant is assigned for two shifts to work area W1. On a particular day in a given week, due to unscheduled maintenance that needed to be performed on the resource R1, it was not available for two hours during each of the assigned shifts.


Determine the available capacity of the resource R1 for that week.


A. 78 hours

B. 76 hours

C. 60 hours

D. 70 hours


Answer: A



Your customer wants to mass create and modify Work Definitions and the relevant operation, items, and resources available in the spreadsheet.


Which two operations are not supported using ADFDI (Oracle Application Development Framework Desktop Integration)?


A. Create Work Definitions

B. Update Work Definitions

C. Create and update ATO (Assemble To Order) model work definitions

D. Populate Descriptive flexfields


Answer: C,D



Identify four parameters that are considered in the calculation of manufacturing lead time in Oracle Manufacturing Cloud.


A. Resource calendars of the work centers involved

B. The primary work definition of the item

C. The lot size of the item

D. The shifts are defined in the plant calendar

E. Plant calendar exceptions

F. Resource calendar exceptions


Answer: B,C,D,F